About Notaries in British Columbia

BC Notaries are proud members of a select group of legal professionals commissioned for life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Notaries are trained in non-contentious legal matters and specialize in preparing documents that define and protect your interests in property. When signing any documents, you need someone whom you can trust and who will advise you personally and independently.

Notaries are specialists in land law. They are committed to properly preparing and registering your legal documents.

The Notary's network extends beyond the local office to the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia, and to the Society's legal counsel.

Notaries carry a strong tradition of clarifying complex legalities and making them more accessible in the interests of the people they serve. The qualities of a Notary Public have remained constant throughout history - a person of impeccable integrity with a long tradition of trust.

A Notary's word, signature, and Notarial Seal are time-honoured testaments to the character of this specialized profession.

Your Notary Public Will Ensure That:

  • You understand all documents before you sign
  • Your legal interests are protected
  • All documents are correctly prepared and properly registered
  • You receive prompt, personalized and attentive service

Why Choose Cammack Hepner Notary Corporation?

  • Providing fast, friendly and professional service
  • Ensuring complete accuracy and thoroughness
  • Willing to go to all lengths to meet your needs
  • Strengthening our business with satisfied, returning clients
  • Building a long history in the South Surrey/White Rock community since 1982

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