Representation Agreements Appoint a Trusted Person to Handle Your Healthcare Decisions When You Are Unable

This document appoints a representative or multiple representatives to make decisions regarding the adult's health and personal care in the event that the adult is unable to communicate.

Depending on how the Representation Agreement is prepared, the authority of a designated representative can include:


  • Decisions regarding health care, personal care, and limited legal affairs;
  • Refusal or consent to life-support treatment and care;
  • Consent to less common medical procedures and/or treatment;
  • Consent to treatment the adult approved while capable but has refused since losing capacity;
  • Decisions for living arrangements for the adult, including choosing a care facility.

There are different levels of representation available for health care. In preparing the document, we can help determine the appropriate scope for the specific representatives.


  • The Representation Agreement is limited to providing for your health management.
  • This document can allow for the appointment of a monitor to watch over the appointed representative.
  • This document can be triggered to come into effect at a later time.

Who Should Have a Representation Agreement?

Adults who want to ensure that a specific person or persons are appointed to make health care decisions for them, especially if they have no spouse or no children, or if their children are in conflict with one another or would not be good decision-makers.

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